Sustainability and Inclusion: A New Life Through Creativity

Creativity and craftsmanship join forces with social sustainability practices in our new partnership with Progetto Quid. The Verona-based social enterprise, established to provide new opportunities for people with vulnerable backgrounds, will collaborate with Fedrigoni to create Fabriano-branded stationery products. Fabriano, a historic brand that has been engaging with the public for years through fine art, school, and creative products, shares a common commitment with Progetto Quid to enhance inclusion and the value of individuals, reduce resource consumption, and promote recycling and reuse. 

Progetto Quid primarily uses surplus or recovered materials provided by textile companies, donated or purchased at stock prices, which are then transformed into “Ethically Made in Italy” clothing and accessories. 82% of the employees are women with vulnerable pasts, and the goal is to enhance their talents and pursue career rights through training and job rotation programs. Quid is a multicultural workplace with 22 nationalities represented and has a dedicated Welfare Officer specialized in workplace inclusion and multicultural management, fostering tangible relationships among people from diverse cultures. Quid also collaborates closely with local entities such as territorial labor offices and social services, and it operates two workshops within the Montorio prison. Acting locally is significant for Quid as it creates a direct impact on the territory and communities.  

Jacques Joly, Managing Director of Fabriano, expresses his enthusiasm about the partnership: “We were very impressed by what Progetto Quid achieves daily: combining the cathartic power of creativity with real opportunities for redemption results in significant outcomes, both artistically and humanly. Fedrigoni also strongly believes in the principles of inclusion and equality in diversity, expressing this through attentive and active policies towards its people, as well as implementing all possible strategies to reduce consumption and waste, even enhancing scraps. The diversity of forms, colors, and materials is what makes our offerings so special: thanks to this new collaboration, Fabriano’s product range will have that extra ‘quid’ to make it even more unique and original.” 

Anna Fiscale, President of Quid, adds: “In a world that produces and disposes of goods at unprecedented speeds, at Quid we support the idea of recovery, upcycling, and waste reduction. In our female-dominated workshops, we offer employment and training opportunities to those at higher risk of exclusion from the job market: men and women who have faced trafficking, violence, and discrimination, or who have disabilities. We strongly believe that workplaces can transform our destiny, enhancing everyone’s talent and strength despite vulnerabilities. In Fedrigoni, we have found an excellent partner, capable of embracing and giving voice to our mission through its products, which will accompany the creativity and self-expression of many, working on sustainable projects that value people and the environment.” 

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