For a company with production sites and sales networks operating around the world, the promotion of human rights goes beyond mere words, it is an issue that is faced every day as we encounter profound social, regulatory, and cultural differences.

Since 1998, the Code of Ethics has been the document that brings together the principles that are essential to Fedrigoni when conducting business. It was updated in 2021 with the latest sustainability policies and has been applied to all Group sites.
In line with “The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”, the Code of Ethics defines the human rights we are committed to respecting and promoting, with our people and throughout the value chain, i.e. not only at our plants and with respect to our employees, but with collaborators, suppliers, partners, agents and consultants.

Where we operate

We operate in 27 countries with 34 distribution sites and slitting centres. We sell a total of over 25,000 products in 132 countries.

In none of our host territories, where we work with thousands of people, have we ever gone through procedures for physical or economic resettlement of indigenous people, and none of our sites have ever required community consultation or resettlement programmes.

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Our approach

We believe that human rights issues directly and indirectly intersect the activities of a company like ours in many ways.
For us, having a people-centred approach means observing laws and rights, and respecting the cultural, political and religious identity of all those with whom we relate. We reject forced and compulsory labour, even in hidden forms, and any form of labour exploitation, especially child labour.

The promotion of Human Rights is also synonym of ensuring full compliance with the legislative provisions governing privacy in the countries where we operate. Here we are committed to protecting the personal data acquired, stored and processed as part of our activities; to requiring all Fedrigoni Group employees and collaborators to maintain the utmost confidentiality with regard to information, documents, studies, initiatives, projects and contracts.

Our commitment to Human Rights is expressed indirectly in all our activities aimed at protecting the environment, water and biodiversity, because man has a right to a healthy, sustainable environment. It is expressed through fair wages, safety at the workplace, protecting freedom of expression and peaceful trade union activity. All of these actions are carried out with transparent governance.

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