All our products designed for an optimal end-of-life

This is commitment for the future: redesign our product portfolio to make it ever more circular, respecting the invaluable link we have with our raw materials.

Our raw materials


Pulp is the main raw material used to make paper: Our pulp has entirely derived from FSC® certified suppliers since 2005. Furthermore, we have only been using pulp with Chain of Custody (COC) and Controlled Wood (CW) certifications since 2014. In 2022 we reached 97% COC and we are committing to using increasingly more.

We use 3 main types for supplies in different mixes depending on the required result: long fibre, short fibre and mixed fibre.

Chemical products

We use chemical derivatives for our products manufactured by our Special Papers and Self-Adhesives divisions to ensure their quality and functionality. However, we prefer those with less impact on the environment, such as plant starches, dyes and pigments, carbonates and kaolins.

Plastic films

Our self-adhesive division uses this type of film, both as facestocks and liners. The plastic film facestocks are the part of the final product that will be printed and used by the customer; the liner films are used as the reverse side of the self-adhesive label material, as an alternative to the pure pulp glassine liner when the application requires it.
We ask our customers to choose a single-material approach whenever possible in order to facilitate recycling.

Our FSC commitment

Fedrigoni does not own any forests nor have direct access to pulp yet purchases it from controlled and certified plantations. Our procurement system only includes qualified and verified suppliers.

The use of timber from forests has been subject to regulations for many years and involves reforestation of the areas used for production. The production of paper is subject to certification that it comes from sources that are managed responsibly for the entire ecosystem, including animals and local communities. One of the most important certification systems is the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council).

Today, 100% of our pulp is FSC® certified.