Product Development

A new way of imagining our products. All our products

Using a sustainable approach is something that is part of our being, thanks to our background and habit of thinking strategically about our products. All of our products.
The challenge for the future is rethinking our portfolio such that it is increasingly sustainable, honouring the precious bond that continually ties us to our raw materials.

Our raw materials


Cellulose is the main raw material used to make paper, and ours has come entirely from FSC® certified suppliers since 2005. Furthermore, since 2014 we have been solely using cellulose with Chain of Custody (COC) and Controlled Wood (CW) certifications.
We are supplied with 3 main types in different mixes depending on the result required – long fibre, short fibre and mixed fibre.

Chemical products

In our Paper and Self-Adhesives divisions we use chemical derivatives for our products, to guarantee their quality and functionality. However, we prefer those that have less impact on the environment, such as plant starches, dyes, pigments, carbonates and kaolins.

Plastic film

We use this type of film in the Self-Adhesives division, as facing and as a base. Our supplies include two types of film – one for facing, which constitutes part of the final product which is subsequently printed and used by customers, and another used on the back of a self-adhesive sandwich design for labels (liner films).

Sustainable supply chain

A Sourcing Policy to establish specific sustainability requirements for the production resource supply process for the entire Group, starting this year.
A new Code of Conduct for suppliers.
An FSC certified and controlled cellulose supply chain.

Our priority: our supply and distribution choices must reflect our commitment to safeguarding the environment, equality, and respect for raw materials, and our suppliers should feel part of this process. We have drawn up a set of assessment parameters based on the principles of the UN Global Compact Initiative, which will enable us to objectively select and assess the best supply sources for our raw materials, proactively seeking increasingly sustainable solutions.

95% of suppliers qualified in accordance with ESG parameters

Our 2030 goal: to increase the Group’s ESG qualified spend from 50% to approximately 95%.
To do this, we have drawn up an action plan to cover the entire supply chain, and ensure full transparency of our supply processes, dealing exclusively with certified suppliers who operate in line with our production methods. This means we can pursue our sustainability philosophy with passion and dedication, from the smallest to the largest action.

Paper: future-focused tradition

Products that are increasingly natural and low in chemicals, and sophisticated processing operations.
Scratch-proof, translucent paper treated to prevent mould and specially designed to replace a large variety of products that would otherwise be made of plastic.
The new Fabriano Copy Line of blank paper, specially designed for the best digital printing results and to ensure a positive impact on the environment.

These are just some of the innovative characteristics we have incorporated, and which we will continue to incorporate in our Paper division, based on tradition but with an eye to the future.

All sides of the Self-Adhesives division

Our Self-Adhesives division is consistently committed to achieving high performance, aesthetic and sensory perception, and sustainability. We work on various fronts to achieve this delicate balance – reusing recycled materials, eliminating potential scraps upstream, and experimenting with biodegradable and washable materials.

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