Integration is our strength

The integration between paper and self-adhesive materials, between innovation and sustainability, between different industries and different materials that work together to provide perfect solutions for your products. From packaging and luxury labels, to brand identity materials and ad hoc proposals for your sector. We can fulfil the most common requests, as well as help you plan something that has never been seen before, following one consistent rule: we only make beautiful things.

We present you the industries we serve

Food & Beverage

Packaging, labels and seals accompany these products for their whole lives. And we can accompany yours, whatever they might be, and whatever conditions they are subjected to.

Wine and Spirits

Labels for red, white and sparkling wines, packaging for spirits and all sorts of finishes forcraft beers: welcome to our world of Wines and Spirits.

Fashion and Luxury

From exquisite timepieces to cutting-edge technology and luxury jewelry, we excel in enhancing products by elevating aesthetic excellence and adding value throuhgout our special papers and self adhesives for packaging.

Art & Drawing

From sketching papers to high-end watercolour papers we offer various paper colours, weight and surfaces to respond to children up to the most demanding artist needs.

Beauty, Personal and Home Care

We can dress up your home and personal cosmetic care products. From labels to the complete packaging, discover all our solutions.


Technical experience, compliance with regulations, safety for patients and a global presence: discover our solutions for the pharmaceutical market.


From the catalogue you picked up at the last exhibition you visited, to art publications; from the materials artists use to bring their worlds to life, to your brochures, we provide only the most beautiful solutions.


Think about your favourite mean of transport: from user manuals, to solutions for customising the exterior, and for tailor-made designs for every possible decorative, protective or informative use.

Transport & Logistics

Functional, reliable products that offer all self-adhesive solutions to manage your logistics operations perfectly.


Explore our range of products for your everyday working needs, starting from our reams of paper all the way to our self-adhesive solutions for your archives.

Advertising & promotion

Complete brand identity, from classic posters, folders and invitations to anything that brings your brand to life, indoors or outdoors.


Notepads and notebooks that are artisan – Made in Italy and designed by Fabriano, using only the very best materials: discover a world of products from the Fabriano Boutiques.

Corporate Branding

From brand identity to longer-term solutions, we will give your brand shape and structure.

Architecture & Design

From interiors to exteriors, from walls to floors, all the way to the most beautiful catalogues, find out what we can do to help your brand make its mark.


We can offer varied solutions for the retail industry’s different shopping experiences, from store fronts to products, as well as sales materials.


We don’t offer one solution to everyone; we offer the correct solution for your needs in the automotive, durables and chemicals sectors.

Games & Playing Cards

We offer durable and customizable cards for unique games. With years of experience, we are your trusted partner for creating custom decks of playing cards. Choose from a variety of finishes, sizes, and styles, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.