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We foster a culture centered at learning and growing

With so many different projects, we all are exposed to endless opportunities to showcase our skills and advance in our career. We are empowered and stimulated to put our ideas into action.

We are supported by leaders and given the opportunity to try new things and develop new ideas. Everyday, we are exposed to an incredible diversity of skills and professional backgrounds and high caliber expertees. We are able to learn from the best.

Discover Our opportunities


Embark on a transformative journey of professional development.

Ignite your potential at Fedrigoni through our robust learning and development initiatives. Our tailored training programs and mentorship opportunities will empower you to thrive. With engaging workshops and continuous skill-building, we foster a culture of growth and advancement.

Our Culture

This is how we empower excellence

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Customer Academy

We support our customers in the best possible way. This is why we have designed and launched a global development program, focusing on customer centricity, with the aim to upskill our teams worldwide.

Leadership & Managerial Programs

We aim to guide our people to become inspiring and inclusive leaders. Leadership Training programs will allow you to learn the necessary skills and attitudes to become successful.

Global E-Learning Platforms

We want everyone to have access to relevant content to learn and grow. Therefore we provide extensive multi-lingual tools, resources and courses to empower our employees to strengthen their skills and experience.

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This is how we accelerate experiences

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The program designed to accelerate experiences for our early stage career colleagues. It is an opportunity to gain international hands-on experience and learn new skills. Innovative projects are developed in cross-functional teams alongside top leaders of our organization.


Our global job platform designed to unleash opportunities for all our employees. Access through our INK initiative global job openings for international and cross-functional mobility before anyone else.

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Personalized Development & Performance Conversations

We offer personalized development plans for all our employees. This includes regular checks with your manager and a sole focus on your future path inside Fedrigoni.

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Our Global Flexible Benefits

Everyday our Fedrigoni employees give it their all, to elevate the creativity of our partners and customers. That is why, making our employees feel genuinely valued, recognized and rewarded with a comprehensive benefit package is a key priority for us.




Flexibility is in our DNA. Therefore, depending on the role, we offer a hybrid-working policy that includes working from home 2 days a week adapted to personal needs.

Bonus Scheme


We believe in celebrating successes. Depending on each country, we ensure global and local bonus schemes which are linked to Fedrigoni’s, teams’ and individual results.

Health & Insurance


Taking care of your health is one of our priorities. This is why our policies are customized for every different geography with the goal of offering health protection and safety.

Equitable Pay


Depending on your role and location in the world, we aim to always provide a fair and equitable pay, according to the local compensation benchmark.

Community & Sustainability


We are constantly coming up with sustainable initiatives to actively participate in and of which we are proud of.



It’s important to take some time off to always be at our best. That is why we ensure paid time off based on local requirements, including holidays.

Supplementary Pension Scheme


Your wellness and financial health matters. We care about your future and strive to offer the best pension schemes locally available.

Fabriano World Discount


We are our own biggest fans. That’s why we offer our employees discounts on all products in Fabriano stores around the world and online.

Online Learning Catalogue


Our online library offers 100+ courses in 8 languages to empower our people to thrive personally and professionally.