Making a difference together

For us, diversity is a value that has always contributed to our company success. Now more than ever, we intend to raise the culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion with specific actions and ensure that the Fedrigoni Group becomes a point of reference in this respect as well. We encourage everyone to work on these issues, including our stakeholders, for example by supporting initiatives and conferences in the graphics sector that have a reasonable percentage of diversity among their speakers. Consolidating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion means, first and foremost, being self-critical about our starting point and charting a course towards creating value.


Our 2022 achievements

With these actions we directly contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


women in managerial positions.


global participation in the Fedrigoni Survey

New Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy

Activating mailboxes for all our employees, including at production sites

A new company policy

The first step towards positive transformation is to base our approach on the universal principles of non-discrimination, equality, and dignity, as defined in the new global corporate policies (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Policy and Good practices for respect at the workplace), which are a point of reference for the Fedrigoni Group and its entire ecosystem, including external collaborators and suppliers.


Gender equality: 35% women in managerial positions

We aspire to be a workplace where differences are an asset and inclusion is the norm. This is not an easy goal by nature: every human being prefers to relate to those who are most like themselves and cultivating diversity is hard. To increase inclusiveness and representation, our first step is as simple as it is essential: increase gender diversity at all levels, from entry-level to management and leadership positions. From the earliest stages of recruiting new people, we are committed to targeting a diverse – but gender-equal – pool of talent, eliminating any potential discrimination or unconscious bias related to gender, ethnicity, language, religion, political and sexual orientation at entry level.

By 2030, we will increase the percentage of managerial positions held by women in our Group to 35%, an important target for our industry. To reach this goal, we have developed a series of targeted initiatives and strategies that include attracting talent, managerial and non-managerial training, involvement and the specific promotion of equal career opportunities for everyone, in line with their individual attributes, differences, and talents.


Equity & Inclusion

We ensure treatment, opportunity, and recognition based on the principle of equity for all our people, recognising their needs, aspirations and styles. We promote inclusion by designing a working environment where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential, grow and make a difference. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion leads us to take steps towards an increasingly open and high performing company whose motto is Respect – it is with respect that each of our people, at every level, engages with all other employees.

Respect is an important word that guides us when we have to translate Equity into reality at our company, a very high, multi-faceted, and sometimes misleading concept. This is why we have created a Group Code of Ethics (about which we plan to raise awareness among 100% of employees), a Fedrigoni Code of Conduct, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy and the document Good Practices for respect at the workplace which includes a new Whistleblowing Procedure.

We must not overlook that to measure our progress in this area, the most important data is that provided by our own employees: we listen to them through regular surveys conducted by third parties which allow us to identify the critical issues where our people express the most desire for transformation.


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Strive for Excellence. Foster Partnership. Embrace Transformation. These are the Fedrigoni Behaviors that guide us to do business in an increasingly sustainable way.

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