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With more than 2500 products in the catalog, we have high quality papers, of every weight and
color. Natural and coated papers, special papers such as glossy, embossed, pearlescent marked:
our job is to help you understand which one can best apply to your project.
Otherwise we think about it with you

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Packaging Papers

From cases to shopping bags, up to the most exclusive boxes, choose from the variety of colors and combinations of our papers, use the embossing that highlights your brand: you’ll always find the most suitable solution for your projects, with the characteristics of protection and reliability you are looking for.

Security and Anti-Counterfeiting

A wide range of specialty and technical papers with anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering capabilities, which supply excellent performance to brands of all the world, always guaranteeing the highest aesthetic quality and the flexibility necessary to operate in multiple contexts.

Brand identity

We work to give a body, and a shape, to your brand: each of our solutions is designed to highlight your brand, to enhance it in any context and in any surface, to best express your brand identity, in a unique and distinctive way.

Playing cards

Playing cards and cards for similar applications must be both rigid and flexible enough, in perfect balance. On one hand, the image must be bright but on the other, total opacity is required, which we obtain thanks to a particular methodology, reserved by Fedrigoni.

RFID tags and inserts

Printing an RFID tag on the packaging is not only a guarantee of protection but makes tracking in logistics efficient, for example. Thanks to greater transparency, smart packaging solutions also reduce the waste of resources and minimize the environmental impact.

Technical papers

Papers and cards with filtering materials, perfume papers, virucide papers, for masks and more; from papers for target shooting to coated paper supports for artificial leathers and technical films
production. We have the answer even for your most technical and complex projects.

Tailor-made solutions

We are by your side to develop customized solutions, to understand which features, specifically, your card should have: everything that is not yet there, we can make it together. Without limits.

Art and drawing

Tradition and innovation: from the iconic Fabriano white sketchbooks, with rough or smooth paper, up to colored, undulated and metallized cards, available in different weights and finishes: there is everything for the world of school, art and hobby, to please the most demanding children and artists.

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We supply the classic reams of A4 paper for both the office and home world, in addition to special media and formats, such as legal papers, to be used in printers, faxes, plotters. The excellent quality or white and printability characteristics are ideal for any situation.

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Designed by Fabriano and made in Italy by artisans who use only the best materials, the stationery products – notebooks, organizers, folders and many other accessories – are available in the Fabriano Boutiques and in the bookshops of the major international museums.

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Our brands

Fedrigoni Paper

Fedrigoni Paper

Fedrigoni is synonymous with paper produciton, both in Italy and abroad.



Cordenons Group develops and produces special and technical papers that provide the international market with over 2,500 different products and a range of tailor-made solutions.



Fabriano paper, with its 750 years of history, is a part of Italy’s cultural heritage. Every year it is the first choice for millions of students and artists in Italy and all over the world.



Magnani 1404 means the highest level of artisan paper used by artists and for many publications.



A North-American company specialising in the distribution of self-adhesive materials and plastic films.



The Group Leader, Polifibra S.p.A., was founded in Milan in 1969 as a flexible materials processor for the electro-mechanical industry and cable shielding manufacturers.

Some Fedrigoni Group projects and initiatives

PULP Digital

PULP is our magazine that talks about people and projects around paper and labels, dedicated to the community of customers, graphic designers, printers and brands that use Fedrigoni materials

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Fedrigoni Top Award

Fedrigoni Top Award is one of the main international awards dedicated to graphic designers, printers and brands and recognizes the best applications and creative projects created with Fedrigoni products.

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