Protecting the ecosystems

Due to human activities, land use and pollution, there is a drastic reduction in biodiversity, causing a great deal of damage to the natural ecosystem balance.
We are conscious and active players in its safeguarding, particularly through initiatives in two directions: The purchase of 100% of pulp from FSC certified forests and responsible water management.

100% of pulp from FSC forests

Our raw material is pulp obtained from trees. Since 2005, we have been sourcing exclusively from the FSC – Forest Stewardship Council – certified suppliers. This is a tool promoted by the international NGO of the same name, which aims at ensuring correct forest management and traceability of derived products. In addition, since 2014 we have been using 100% Chain of Custody (COC) and Controlled Wood (CW) pulp.

This enables us to contribute to a virtuous circle in which forests provide a habitat for many animal species and biodiversity helps in forests being healthier.

Zero cases of water pollution

To produce paper, along with pulp, we use a great deal of water that we take from rivers. Our concern is to return as much of it as possible to the environment, 95% is our goal by 2030 and under the same conditions and temperature as when we obtained it. This will allow the local aquatic flora and fauna to grow and thrive despite our activities. From 2020, we have set a goal of zero cases of water pollution every year.

For further information

The first Fedrigoni Wood was created in November 2020 on disused public land and is now part of the PANE public park in Caponago, Northern Italy.

The Fedrigoni Wood