Healthy biodiversity is essential for us to survive. Indeed, it underpins many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as crucial for so many of the services it provides to humankind. The biodiversity crisis is inextricably linked to that of climate change, hence a coordinated response is urgently needed: to preserve ecosystems while achieving the 17 SDGs. Our commitment is based on steadfast actions and progress led by a system-wide approach.


Our commitments


Since 2014, we have purchased only FSC-certified pulp (Forest Stewardship Council)

In 2022 we have our first Biodiversity Impact Assessment (BIA) with the direct and indirect impacts of our activities on existing biodiversity


In 2022 we are committing to Zero Gross Deforestation or Conversion of Natural Ecosystems

Biodiversity Progress:

Our efforts focus on the territories where our production sites are located and the suppliers we buy pulp from. Driven by the Group "Making Progress" approach, in April we launched the new Biodiversity Impact Assessment (BIA) project, in partnership with Etifor, an environmental consulting agency, spin-off from Università di Padova.. This pathway will enable us to better understand our impacts and identify the most effective actions to restore and protect our ecosystems.


Ecosystems impact

In the BIA project, we started with a proximity analysis to identify which of our Paper production sites are close to or within sensitive areas for biodiversity. Functional work to carry out our first Biodiversity Impact Assessment, upon which we will define and implement the mitigation strategy for our biodiversity impacts, both in the areas analyzed and throughout the supply chain. This strategy, based on four actions – avoid, reduce, restore, and compensate – will lead us to define our commitment to maintain biodiversity.

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The pulp

In 2022 we are committing to Zero Gross Deforestation or Conversion of Natural Ecosystems. As a Group, we neither own nor manage forests, and the pulp comes only from our suppliers, 100% qualified according to sustainability criteria and who provide us exclusively FSC pulp. We manage our supply chain by verifying and assessing the origin of all fibers through risk analysis. Since 2023 we are committing to increasing the FSC Chain of Custody (COC) cellulose part, reducing the FSC Control Wood (CW) fibers. We are collaborating with ETIFOR to declare a specific, time-bound commitment for Zero Deforestation at Group level.

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Water management

Our business would not exist without water. We return 97% of it to the environment, at the appropriate conditions and temperature with respect to the receiving water body. To reach our 2030 goals, we seek to reduce waste by minimizing the introduction of fresh water into production cycles, and to use cutting-edge techniques in the treatment of water before returning it to the natural environment.

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