Our continually evolving commitment

This means reducing emissions and water consumption, recycling the waste we produce, using energy from renewable sources and taking a great deal of care in the sourcing of the raw materials we purchase.
We intend to focus on these areas to become, step by step, day by day, an important benchmark for the industry.

Una veduta aerea di una vasca e di un fiume.

Our Goals for 2030

We are continually committed to reducing the environmental impact of our production processes and the products we manufacture every day. We do this by pursuing specific targets and by involving our ecosystem of people, materials and production chain.

A step forward


Reducing our CO2 emissions

Reducing our carbon footprint is a priority to meet the demands of the institutions, the financial community, customers and local communities.

How we do it

Waste & circular economy

Design products with circular economy as a guiding principle

We use materials and packaging upstream from the consumption of our products that are easily recyclable and reusable. In our operations we are committed to sending zero waste to landfills.

How we do it


Responsible use and management of water resources.

The water used and needed for our production is returned clean to the natural environment, thus protecting the biodiversity of the areas where we operate. This commitment is confirmed by the fact there have been no incidents of water pollution.

How we do it


Protecting nature.

Protecting biodiversity means we must undertake a commitment to directly care for the areas where our production sites are located and throughout our supply chain, just as we do with our people and our products.

How we do it

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