Fedrigoni link with the local area – also expressed in the quote of the Verona coat of arms in its logo – have always been very strong, marked by respect and giving back to the community. Today, these traditional values govern the relationship among Fedrigoni Group and the various regions and communities in which it operates around the world, particularly where its plants are located.

The initiatives we pursue are part of the sustainability journey we have embarked on and are in line with the spirit of the 2030 Agenda, addressing the environment, education, culture, community well-being and innovation in our industry.

From the planting of the first Fedrigoni Wood, to the commitment to disseminating art and culture through Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation activities and the Festival Del Disegno (The Drawing Festival); from collaborating with universities, schools and associations, to partnering with Inspiring Girls International, whose mission is to help girls dream big and pursue their talents: We will work hard to make our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy increasingly articulate, spreading the culture of social responsibility within the Group and involving all our people in an active, participatory manner.

Inspiring Girls International: spreading their wings and breaking free from stereotypes

Through its global partnership with Inspiring Girls International, Fedrigoni is committed to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the areas where it operates through direct activities in schools. Inspiring new generations by presenting positive models of success, educating and raising the creativity of teenagers, especially girls who do not always invest in their talent at that age, is a challenge that excites the female managers of Fedrigoni Group, who are the ones spearheading the initiative.

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FFF Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation: where it all began

With 500 linear metres of historical documents on the business of paper production at Fabriano for over seven centuries, and around 10,000 tools used in its manufacture, Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation promotes studies on the history of paper and watermarking, and the development and dissemination of paper science.

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Festival Del Disegno: creativity as a means to reach out

Pencils, sheets of paper, people, 6 years of uninterrupted and community-focused events: our Drawing Festival immediately emerged as a valuable opportunity not only to promote the culture and power of drawing, but also to catalyse vital, fruitful connections within the community in question, throughout Italy, with distinguished guests. Since its inception, this event has been aimed at everyone: artists and amateurs, professionals and – why not – even those who happened to be passing by.

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Our first wood

Talking about our connection with nature is important, but actually making it happen is even more so. This is why we specifically support the creation of green spaces in public areas near our plants. And this is why, in November 2020, the first Fedrigoni forest was created on public land that had been exploited and compromised, which we reclaimed and made part of the PANE public park in Caponago, northern Italy.

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Fedrigoni Top Award

Through this international award, Fedrigoni intends to reward talent and globally promote the culture of excellence, innovation and beauty in the world of specialty papers for luxury packaging, publishing, corporate identity, premium labels and self-adhesive materials for large formats. Participants (designers, printers, boxmakers, and brands) come from all over the world, showcasing avant-garde proposals in terms of experimentation, creativity and new technologies to promote paper and self-adhesive labels. As of 2022, one of the criteria the jury will use when selecting the finalists will be the sustainability of the projects submitted.

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Casa Fedrigoni

The company historical and industrial archives are intertwined with the history of Verona. On display in the building located at Viale Piave are vintage photos, samples, projects, patents, laboratory instruments, matrices for dry and wet watermarking, moulds for hand manufacture and a selection of the best products made with Fedrigoni papers and labels over the years. This space is open to visits by students and enthusiasts, by appointment only, and its mission is to disseminate the history of the evolution of paper in the community.

The FedLab innovation incubator

An innovation hub will be created in Verona, bringing together talent from all areas of the company and from outside, through partnerships and collaborations with companies and start-ups, set up to make product innovation focused on sustainability.
Here Fedrigoni Paper R&D team will develop, for example, sustainable paper products and plastic substitutes with a high technological component for use in numerous applications, from food packaging to cosmetics and luxury e-commerce packaging. And Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives team will devote itself to research into increasingly sustainable and recyclable raw materials to promote an increasingly circular model in product development.
The space will be open in 2023 to customers, suppliers and all stakeholders with whom the company works.

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Sketchbooks for artistic freedom

During the health crisis of 2020, we decided to reach the homes of 80,000 Italian families, providing a small ray of sunshine through the power of creativity: working with three major retail chains and involving 230 points of sale throughout Italy, we donated our sketchbooks – in smooth or rough paper, but always 100% eco-friendly – to the children of such families, to help them express themselves artistically during difficult times.

Artists against Covid-19: the solidarity challenge

This was another solidarity initiative organised during the health crisis. 19 international artists collaborated to create 75 copies of limited edition drawing posters that were auctioned off for one purpose: to raise funds for the NHS – the UK public health system – for the NHS Charities Together programme.
Stay Home, social distancing: these are the two pillars that the artists were asked to draw inspiration from to portray the current situation in a relevant fashion and raise awareness of pressing issues for the community.

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FAI Spring Days

Fabriano Paper Pavilion was chosen by the Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI) and, in collaboration with Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation, opened for visits during the FAI Spring Days, becoming part of the association‘s national programme. This was an opportunity to celebrate a place steeped in history and to tell the story of our industry and its link with the region.

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