How to create a corporate culture of sustainability?

Sustainability for a company means generating change together with its entire staff, engaging the entire supply chain, customers and stakeholders. We have called our approach to sustainability governance “widespread model” here at Fedrigoni, since responsibilities are shared among all the company's functions. The "widespread model" of sustainability includes the Leadership Team and the Sustainability Team....
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Plastic to paper: just a snap maybe!

Packaging is one of the key players in the circular economy. ‘Packaging’ cannot be done without: from raw materials to finished products, the wrapper is meant to contain, protect and communicate essential information about a wide range of goods. When it comes to consumers, there are three main trends driving the evolution of packaging toward...

Innovation and Collaboration. The recipe for CELAB-Europe by Fernando Giron, Marketing Director of Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives

Converting an industrial sector to circular economy principles and accelerating the adoption of innovative processes, materials and products requires the involvement of many companies, throughout the entire value chain. It requires a collaborative and open approach, where discussion of shared goals becomes a driver for change. CELAB (Circular Economy for Labels) is a consortium founded...