Our commitment to promoting well-being in the company

Great resignation and quiet quitting are two terms often heard in connection with different work and employment environments. Both are related to the post-pandemic, but also to the cultural and social evolution characterized by people greater pursuit of well-being and values even in their own work-life balance.
For a company, taking care of its people, creating a relaxed, engaging, stimulating work environment, is today not only an ‘ethical’ issue, but the only strategy for retaining talent. The first preconditions of employee well-being are therefore already created in the environment where they work.

In this Bit on Sustainability, we discuss the 6 crucial factors for improving the well-being of people in the company and the initiatives Fedrigoni is putting in place to this end.

Bits on Sustainability are written by Fedrigoni’s Sustainability Team.


Bit #4: Well-being of people in the company