2022 Financial and ESG Results + Q1 2023: our numbers and progresses

We closed 2022 with 2.21 billion euros in revenue, against 1.6 in 2021 (+37%), distributed among Italy (504 million, +44%), the rest of Europe (1,054 million, +36%) and the rest of the world (653 million, +31%), with €340 million Proforma EBITDA (+54% compared to 2021) and investments of over 80 million euros (more than 60 in 2021). A growth that has affected both business units of the company, repositioned for some years towards premium offer segments.
In these first months of 2023, despite market volatility, our solid business plan and agility to adapt production to demand allowed us to limit the impact. Further, on last twelve-months, our Sales increased by 1% (EUR 2.3 billion LTM March 2023) and Ebitda by 1% reaching EUR 342.4 million (LTM March 2023).
Looking ahead, we remain optimistic regarding a gradual recovery of the economic situation.

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