What does it mean for Fedrigoni to be among the champions of sustainability?

As of July 2023, Fedrigoni Group has been awarded the highest accolade, Platinum, by Ecovadis, the international ESG rating agency that annually examines more than 75,000 companies of all sizes and from 200 production sectors worldwide, evaluating their activities and management systems from the perspective of environmental care and social responsibility. The rating model is based on globally recognized standards such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) and ISO 26000 and measures sustainability performance in relation to 4 macro-environments:

  1. 1. Environment;

  2. 2. Labor and Human Rights;

  3. 3. Ethics;

  4. 4. Sustainable Sourcing.

Fedrigoni achieved once again the ambitious score of 88/100 (above the minimum threshold for Platinum level of 75/100). This result places the Group in the top 1% of companies in our industry worldwide for ESG performance. In particular, in the environment section, the rating even rose to 100/100.

There are several factors by which we were able to achieve this result: clear and measurable ESG goals to 2030, a precise action plan, widespread accountability throughout the company, and transparent communication with performance trends over multiple years.

The Platinum Medal represents an important milestone, which is a source of pride for us. However, it is not an ending point, but rather an incentive to improve further.



EcoVadis aims to improve companies’ environmental and social practices by leveraging the influence of global logistics chains. EcoVadis operates the 1st collaborative platform that enables companies to monitor the Sustainability performance of their suppliers, across 150 industries and 110 countries.

Sustainability Rating

An ESG rating (or sustainability rating) is a synthetic judgment that certifies the soundness of an issuer, security, or fund from the perspective of environmental, social, and governance performance.


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