Meet Matteo Stori, our Self-Adhesives Transformation Manager

It’s not every day you get to work on transforming a family business to a boundary-pushing multinational. The pace is rapid, and every day is different. In this latest edition of “Extraordinary Stories” we meet Matteo Stori, Fedrigoni’s Transformation Manager who, from the moment he joined, knew that his extraordinary everyday was going to be full of challenges, ambitious objectives and above all, a team game!

Fearless Problem Solving

“Coming from a consultancy background, from my first day at Fedrigoni, I really appreciated the collaborative spirit and a really different approach to working. Here, there’s no blame culture, and this gives us the confidence to experiment and take risks. Challenges in this dynamic, fast-paced environment are not viewed negatively; instead, they become opportunities for improvement. The leadership team is genuinely interested in problems and understanding how to work through them. Individually, we’re empowered to perform, taking responsibility and ownership for everything that we do and pushing our potential to the full.”

Teamwork: A Recipe for Success

Whatever the position or level, we all have an essential role to play, bringing different expertise that is really welcomed and valued. There’s no resistance to change, just a passion to see how we can do things better. Matteo has especially appreciated this in his current role. “I recently moved (with my family) to Chile to work on a project in Latin America. Any successful transformation is a team effort. Of course, there was a plan, but I certainly didn’t have all the answers and there’s always more work than resources available! So, we gave all the colleagues from the various functions an opportunity to dedicate part of their time to an extra project. It’s amazing just how much everyone is ready to help in any way they can. Not only has it had a really positive impact on the transformation, but we’ve also built a strong network at a regional level.”

Continuous Learning: Youthful innovation

Working together allows us not only to have a real impact on the business but also to acquire new skills. “Since I’ve started, it’s been a non-stop learning experience, at every level: from colleagues, from how the business evolves, and from the way we solve problems. There are so many opportunities for growth, and development is a shared journey with the Leadership team there to support every step of the way”.

Matteo has been directly involved in “Next”, our internal talent accelerator program for early-stage career colleagues. He holds Project Management Masterclasses sharing his experience and internal knowledge with the participants and loves the passion that he sees. “Our younger generation are the future and always full of ideas. “Next” is a fantastic opportunity for the participants to work on real projects, facing challenges and overcoming them by working together. They also get to see these projects come to life and how they have a direct impact on the Fedrigoni business. Then they can share their new skills with their colleagues ensuring that we keep leveraging internal learning opportunities.”

As Matteo concludes, “at Fedrigoni, you never have time to be bored. Every day is different and if I look back over the last three years, we have changed so much. A different vision with ambitious objectives makes you explore completely different ways of working. It really is true that you discover Extraordinary everyday at Fedrigoni.”