Fedrigoni Next, the Ultimate Talent Accelerator

Five thousand people across 28 countries, from Chile to China, via Spain, Italy, and Hong Kong: many cultures, many points of view, but united by a shared curiosity to know each other and improve. All with the knowledge that they can contribute to a tangible impact on the company’s results.

From 2022, once a year, we have launched a global challenge for our people in our offices and plants. It is for those across the world who are ready to raise their hand and challenge themselves in a context that broadens their horizons and opportunities. It’s called:

Fedrigoni NEXT – The Ultimate Talent Accelerator, the program dedicated to those possessing three to eight years of work experience and who have been in the company for at least six months.

  “For the people involved, this experience is an incredible opportunity to accelerate their professional lives. It will allow them to interact and work with, as equals, more experienced colleagues, highlighting their capabilities. This will represent a unique occasion that in many other business contexts is not a possibility,” underlines Alexa Ceschia, Fedrigoni’s Group Head of Talent Acquisition & Development.

What makes this program different?

The participants will be exposed to training focused on varied aspects of their own personal and professional experience: from workshops at our Innovation Centre in Verona to work on self-awareness, to project management and inclusive leadership laboratories, to informal networking moments with colleagues that undertake different roles in other countries, all alongside our business leaders.

“I always dreamed of being able to go back to studying and get an MBA, and Next has been my MBA. I could have never seen it coming, but it came true!”

Paige Dennis, Sales

The actual element of differentiation is the possibility to work in cross-functional groups on real business cases, which could provide a concrete effect on the company’s future – always being guided along the way by leaders and experts in the field, from the launch of a new strategic product to the exploration of a new market, to proposing never before seen sustainable solutions.

After nine months of hard work, in-person-meet-ups, and calls at times that could satisfy all sorts of time zones, the experience culminated with group presentations of the projects in front of Fedrigoni’s Executive Committee. Just prior, our nexters trained their competencies in effective presentation under a team of experts in order to efficiently and inclusively recount their accomplishments. Our nexters left the audience (made up of our executives, CEO, and business unit directors) involved and engaged. In front of this challenge, the nexters cheered one another on, having spent the last intense nine months alongside one another.

“Fedrigoni is in a moment of truly exponential growth – new acquisitions, new colleagues… – And Next is a demonstration of the speed surrounding us. It let me, it let us, in just a year, arrive somewhere I would have never expected, to work with whom I would have never even met, to experiment with things I would have never imagined. It’s truly an experience accelerator, and I’m taking home a suitcase full of new relationships and knowledge.”

Clement Lesniak, Customer Support

“Before working here, I had the fortune to undertake experiences in very different contexts. Yet, this is the first time I found the opportunity to access a program like Next: it’s a one-off experience that brought me to work with people from all over the world, from different business units, all concentrated on a real business case. Fedrigoni Next is for those who think big.”

Claudio Di Natale, IT  

The first edition of Next has just ended: about 30 colleagues from 8 different countries have acquired new competencies, heard from fresh points of view (including the compliments of our leaders), travelled to meet one another and experimented with reinvigorated modes of working and sharing. Now is the moment to embark on new projects and new challenges with a new group.

Best of luck to the next nexters!


Un gruppo di persone attorno ad un tavolo.