Meet Malgorzata Golebiewska

In this edition of Extraordinary Stories we meet Malgorzata Golebiewska, Fedrigoni’s Europe Quality & Customer Success Director. With a degree in Engineering and a specialization in Quality, her Fedrigoni journey started when she left a good job in Poland, packed her bags, and headed to Spain to be Fedrigoni’s Head of Customer Success.

Embracing Change, the Fedrigoni Way

My dream was always to work in Spain and so when an opportunity came up to join the Fedrigoni team at the offices in Girona, I jumped at the chance. I didn’t speak Spanish and it was a huge culture shift, but I knew it would be an amazing experience.
Sure, making a life change like this was tough at the beginning. Everything was new – my colleagues, my team, my boss. And then everything in my personal life was also new. I was looking for a new place to live, making new friends and getting familiar with the culture all at the same time.

I already had experience of starting in a new environment and building new teams from scratch, but I was really surprised with just how supportive everyone is at Fedrigoni. The people are great. There are a lot of challenges and a lot of pressure but there is always someone ready to help. Everyone is united by their passion for what they do, and this attitude really makes a difference. When we face tough times, we work and collaborate together to succeed together.

Customer-First Culture – Driving Excellence

Everything we do here is customer centric. It’s our mindset. All our tasks have the end goal of making our customers happy. If there is a problem, we take it very seriously and there is an urgency to find a solution. And that’s not just in my team. Everyone is engaged and wants to get involved. It’s all about reaching our goals together and I think that’s really unique.
Our customers expect excellent quality, so their feedback is extremely important. Sometimes, we need to change a process or implement a new solution. What’s great is that everyone is open to change and really supports these improvements. That’s how we continue to raise the bar and exceed expectations.

Empowering Leadership at All Levels

I’m thrilled with my new role at Fedrigoni and it’s an amazing promotion in such a short time, just a year in the company. Previously, I worked mainly with the Commercial and Quality team and now I’ll get more involved with Operations and the plants. I’m looking forward to building more synergy and collaboration between the teams and making our products and processes even better.
It’s a big challenge and I think it shows how Fedrigoni empowers us to drive change. I really want everyone in my team to make their own decisions, be brave and take risks. That’s how we continue to push our potential to the full.

Dynamic Speed of Success

I think the biggest surprise about Fedrigoni is the speed that things happen. Everything is done fast. Introductions and onboarding don’t take months or even weeks. You arrive here and you really hit the ground running! If you have a new idea, you try it! If you present a project one week and if it sounds good, you are implementing it the next. Waiting and delaying because of uncertainty doesn’t get us anywhere new. Yes, we make mistakes, but we learn from them, then improve our ideas and go further.

For Malgorzata, her extraordinary every day is all about putting customers first and empowering everyone to perform. Here at Fedrigoni, life is fast paced with opportunities to continuously grow and learn. No-one can ever be bored!