Meet Eugenio e Roberto

In this edition of our “Extraordinary Stories”, we meet Roberto Carnevale and Eugenio Brunori from the Fedrigoni world of Data Analytics and Sustainability, respectively. For them, it’s all about obtaining results backed up by data. That’s how they live their passion and that’s what drives their enthusiasm every day.

We start by asking Roberto to explain a little more about his experience at Fedrigoni.

Discovering Extraordinary Everyday

“Every day is a challenge and there is always something new to experience. There’s also always someone to learn from. We are all an integral part of Fedrigoni’s Extraordinary every day and I think this is key. Everyone’s opinions count and we all have an essential role. It’s not just the leadership that drives the business forward, we all do, working together.”

The Vital Role of Data

“I think Data Analytics is extremely important for any company and it’s not just focused on one area. You can’t go forward without looking left and right. To overcome challenges, we need to understand what we are doing and how these actions impact different functions. Then we need to solve together and innovate together. This is only possible when you have a 360 vision, when you foster cross team collaboration, championing efficiency and avoiding redundancy while valuing different perspectives.”

Navigating Challenges: Creating Solutions Amidst COVID

“When I started here, we were in the middle of COVID. There were global issues with both supply and the cost of raw materials. Traditional solutions weren’t an option, so we needed to think differently. We worked with lots of departments and, by sitting down together, developed a pricing tool that enabled us to see our transactions in a new light. It was an opportunity to do something that had never been done before and the result had an immediate, quantifiable impact on Fedrigoni. The satisfaction you feel on doing a job well done is priceless.”

Personal and Professional Growth in Analytics

“As I said, Data Analytics is essential for companies like Fedrigoni. It’s a complex world and anyone who joins must be prepared to learn quickly. We all take responsibility for our work and need to be confident to make decisions on what is best for the company. We take risks and if we make mistakes, we learn and grow from them. It’s all about striving for excellence and doing better than yesterday.”

Working alongside Roberto, with an equal passion for data, is Eugenio. He has always been interested in how the world is impacted by social and environmental factors.

Sustainability and Data Analytics: An Unlikely Pair?

“At Fedrigoni we want to reduce our impact on the planet in every way we can, but when you consider sustainability, the first thing you think of is probably not analyzing numbers. Data Analytics plays an essential part. For example, if you want to make a statement about your carbon footprint, you need to support that with numbers and that’s where we come in.”

Bridging the Gap: Sustainability Across Departments

“We have a big sponsorship from the top, but if we want to achieve our ESG targets we need to involve all 5,000 people. That’s why we decided to set up “Sustainability Breakfasts” around the world, both in our plants and our offices. These meetings are perfect opportunities to share what we are doing at group level to achieve ESG goals and explain how we can all contribute. Building a sustainable future is only possible if we all work together. It doesn’t matter where you work, who or what level you are, the results we achieve are only possible because everyone gets involved and cares. To get there, you need to create connections between different departments and implement ideas that work cross-functionally. All our different nationalities, backgrounds, ages, educations, and beliefs play a big part.”

Sustainability beyond Business

“As science tells us, we must take a holistic approach if we want to make a difference. Moreover, new topics are emerging every day, and you need to constantly learn. Our first project on biodiversity really made us analyze the impact of everything we do. From our own operations and factories to supplier behaviors and fundamental human rights. Building a sustainable development is only possible if we all work together and promote innovation.”

Both Roberto and Eugenio emphasize the speed of change at Fedrigoni and just how quickly projects are implemented. They also both love the passion and positive spirit that surrounds them.

“It’s a place where company values are shared and lived by all of us every day and that’s what really makes our everyday extraordinary”.