Meet Aldo Terracciano

At Fedrigoni, we’re a team of dedicated people from all over the world, all passionate about discovering the extraordinary in our everyday. In our latest edition of Extraordinary Stories, we meet Aldo Terracciano, Area Manager from our Sales Division in Southern Italy. Travelling around Italy to meet clients and colleagues, implementing new software and motivating a team spread across several regions, life at Fedrigoni is never boring! 

Customers at the Heart 

For Aldo, customers are at the heart of what he and his team do every single day. It’s not just about selling a product, negotiating a fair price or delivering a service. It’s about listening to the customer’s needs and then exceeding expectations.
What really stands out is innovation. “We are constantly elevating our potential. This means we can be the first to propose new solutions to fulfill our clients’ needs in the best way possible. When customers work with Fedrigoni, they experience something different.”    

Always on the Move  

 At Fedrigoni we are always looking forward to the next challenge, new projects to get involved in and how we can go further. As Aldo admits, “when I first started here, I found it quite difficult to adapt to all the new changes. Like anything new, it takes time to adjust. Then I saw how this way of working gives us the confidence to experiment and makes our jobs better.”  

Success through Teamwork 

 Embracing innovations and new technologies isn’t always easy as Aldo elaborates. “I have always been deeply passionate about technology, but not everyone started their jobs in the digital era so it’s important to get everyone comfortable with new systems and processes. We are all team members and colleagues: when we see someone is having difficulty, we need to help and support them. We reach our goals by working through challenges together.” 

Learning and Growing Together 

 Aldo recognizes that during his time at Fedrigoni, his approach to work has changed. “Initially, when I ran into a difficult problem, or needed to change a sales process or system, I used to react quickly and get stressed about it. Over time, and with training, I’ve learned to handle these situations much more calmly and effectively.”
 Aldo has collaborated with colleagues from around the globe as part of the Customer Academy, a program that focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction and fosters essential skills such as communication and time management by empowering participants to effectively meet (and exceed) the needs of their clients. Aldo explains. “At the beginning, I did not know all my colleagues, but quickly, working together, we built strong relationships. You can achieve so much more when you work as a team.”  

Fedrigoni isn’t just a workplace; it’s a place where we move and change fast, and our journey is packed with growth and endless opportunities.