How to create a corporate culture of sustainability?

Sustainability for a company means generating change together with its entire staff, engaging the entire supply chain, customers and stakeholders. We have called our approach to sustainability governance “widespread model” here at Fedrigoni, since responsibilities are shared among all the company's functions.

The "widespread model" of sustainability includes the Leadership Team and the Sustainability Team. The former consists of about 50 Group managers, including the Executive Committee, identified to facilitate in each division of the company the implementation of our ESG strategy and the growth of our people. The Sustainability Team, led by the Head of Group Sustainability, is composed of 15 people from different business functions, chosen for their skills and aptitudes: together they are responsible for spreading the 2030 sustainability strategy and fostering a culture of sustainability, helping the Group make progress toward achieving its goals.

How Sustainability Breakfasts work

These are meetings organized on a rotating basis by a member of the Sustainability Team, meant to share ongoing ESG projects – from CO2 emissions abatement to water and waste management, from the development of new circular products to initiatives for people and local communities – in an informal setting at each Fedrigoni plant and location. To encourage hands-on participation by everyone, the meetings are held in groups of 15-20 people, with the lofty goal of engaging all 4,500 Fedrigoni people worldwide "meeting by meeting".

Building a culture of sustainability is a journey. A process of transformation that involves a collective effort and a clear vision over the long term, guided at Fedrigoni by the concept of Making Progress. Making concrete progress every day through the awareness and effort of our people in carefully measuring our performance. Understanding what sustainability is and how each of us can have a positive impact (or not) through our daily behaviors is crucial for all our people. Sustainability Breakfasts are therefore created for being a chance to engage in debate, where we can mark the progress achieved through everyone's efforts, ask questions, and share ideas, knowledge and best practices in sustainability.

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