Recyclability and the ATICELCA Method

As Fedrigoni we decided to test the recyclability of our paper products following the Aticelca 501/19 method because it is one of the most rigorous, science-based technique and in line with current regulations (UNI EN 13430:2005 from Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC).

What the Aticelca method is

The Aticelca 501/19 system is a voluntary assessment method for measuring the level of recyclability of any paper and cardboard product through a lab simulation of the steps in the industrial recycling paper process, from pulping to the production of the new paper sheet. The assessment outcome allows producers and users of cellulosicdominant materials to report the recyclability level of their materials or products based on science-based measured data. As part of its ESG strategy to 2030, Fedrigoni has set the target of 100% of products assessed according to the Aticelca 501/19 system. This will ensure that only papers with a third-party verification of recyclability are supplied to the market.

The Aticelca test: recyclability levels

ATICELCA 501 System allows the type of products undergoing lab testing to be assigned a 4-level classification: level A+, level A, level B, and level C (where A+ has the highest level of recyclability). Should the product fall into one of these recyclability classes (A+, A, B, C), it can be collected in the paper stream and recycled in paper mills; the company is authorized to use the “Recyclable with Paper – Aticelca® 501” label for commercial purposes as well.

The compliance with Aticelca 501/2019 means that the paper or cellulose based materials are suitable to be recycled with the available recycling technology, as requested by the Essential Requirements of Packaging in Europe and stated by the UNI EN 13430:2005. Note that any substantial modification of the original product requires a new evaluation to confirm or change the level of recyclability.



When the fibers contained in paper and paper products can be used to produce new paper having suitable quality for the market, cost effectively and efficiently through widespread technologies.


The Association of technicians and experts working in the paper industry. Established in 1967, Aticelca aims to provide its members with technical and scientific know-how to enhance methods for papermaking and raw materials for the paper industry.

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