Meet Vicente, our Self-Adhesives Finance Director

“When it matters, we will do whatever is necessary to make sure the person succeeds.”

In the world of Fedrigoni, there’s a resolve to push beyond the ordinary and a belief in one’s ability to go beyond the expected. It’s a place where time is of the essence, and the relentless pursuit of excellence goes hand in hand with the pace of work. Let’s discover what sets this environment apart, as shared by Vicente, our Finance Director for the Self-Adhesives Business Unit, at Fedrigoni.

Pushing Boundaries, Going Beyond

We are aware of expectations and we ensure we satisfy both long-term and short-term visions. Time is paramount. Perhaps we think we need 6 months for a project, but the reality is we will deliver in 2. It’s not being pushy, it’s a mindset. This environment calls for drive and the belief that you can do more than you think you can. It’s all about pushing boundaries, striving for excellence whilst working faster.

Making the Impossible a Reality

We have been working on a specific project on improving our cash-flow. At the outset, we said, “this can’t be possible. We will never do it.” Not only did it happen but we surpassed expectations. It started as a quarterly challenge, then went to monthly and now we deliver weekly results. We really push ourselves. At first it might seem impossible but when you really set your mind to do something, you will find a way.

Collaboration: The Heartbeat of Success

Cooperation is the name of the game and aligning objectives cross-functionally is key. We are all working together to achieve a common goal. No-one ever says, “why should I help?”. It’s clear that we have common objectives and so the automatic response is to collaborate. This isn’t just at the beginning of your career but also, and even more importantly, at higher levels. I can call anyone, at any moment and I’ll get the help that I am looking for. Perhaps we don’t always have the resources but then together, we come up with a way around the challenge.

Unleashing Growth Opportunities

Our team has grown exponentially and yes, we look to bring in talent from outside, but we also appreciate there is a lot of talent internally. We were recruiting for an open position recently and a colleague suggested a relatively new employee with a year’s experience. From the outset, she had really shown us her drive and attitude. She had demonstrated her capabilities in establishing relationships and continually strived for excellence, delivering on time or even faster.

With her new role, she faces more challenges with a larger team but that’s part of her growth and we are here to support her.

Support through the Tough Times

We have an open culture; people are vocal and tell us when things aren’t working. They can also raise their hands and ask for help. We listen, understand, and offer guidance and coaching. If someone needs extra support, or tools, we will make it happen. When it matters, we will do whatever is necessary to make sure the person succeeds. It’s in the interests of everyone! We do keep in mind that we must be smart with our resources. We often look for alternative solutions and work together to find the best path to move forwards.

Living your Passion and Appreciating Success

Finance and passion are not necessarily words that go together but we are very passionate about numbers and getting them right. They need to be reliable and point us somewhere where we can improve. If we have a pricing concern or cost issue in a plant, we find out why and come up with a solution. Recently, we rolled out the cash-flow improvement initiative in other countries and the project leader stopped at nothing to ensure success. He spent a lot of time going above and beyond to guarantee correct implementation. When I asked him about all the work, he replied, “It’s my job. I am here to make sure the project works well.”

The extraordinary everyday at Fedrigoni

The best thing about Fedrigoni is that each of us gets things done. Priorities evolve quickly so you need to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. If you can do that, you will reap the fruits of your work everyday. What you do matters, and you can see how it impacts the business. It’s very rewarding.