Meet Crystal Wong

In this edition of Extraordinary Stories, we meet Crystal Wong, Fedrigoni’s Asia Sales Manager Luxury Ecosystem. Crystal joined Fedrigoni in 2007 in the internal sales team for Asia and since then she has taken on different roles and responsibilities, from being an account manager in China to leading the sales team in Southeast Asia. She shares with us her passion for learning, her openness to change and her appreciation for the trust and empowerment she receives from Fedrigoni. 

Learning from Mistakes

One of the things that makes her passionate about her job is the opportunity to learn from mistakes. And she learns from external resources too, not just from her work. She recently completed a sustainability and management certification, as she wanted to expand her knowledge and skills in a field that is relevant for the paper industry. She says that to do her job well, she needs to have a critical mind and be able to assess the information she gets from various sources. “You should think critically. Even with my manager and colleagues, when they say we should do something in a certain way, I ask ourselves: is there a better way to go about it?”. 

Exploring Different Cultures and Markets

According to Crystal, one of the most fascinating aspects of her job is to explore different cultures and markets in Asia. She travels a lot around Southeast Asia and, as she moves from country to country, she must adapt to different ways of communicating and interacting with customers and colleagues. “I think it’s quite an interesting part for me. We can learn from each other.” 

She builds trust and synergy with her team and her customers by having open dialogues and exchanging ideas and experiences. She also recalls one of the most memorable client meetings she had in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where she had to face a lot of challenges, from the traffic to the language barrier. The experience left her impressed by how professional and hardworking the people there were and how eager they were to collaborate with Fedrigoni.  

Making connections and trying new things  

Crystal has been with Fedrigoni for many years because she likes to take on the challenges and opportunities that the company offers her, and she appreciates the support and trust that she receives from her boss and her colleagues. She enjoys making connections with people in her work and to be a pioneer while trying new things. “Why not try this? Why not try that? And so, I have fun when I work and that’s why I keep accepting the challenge”. 

For Crystal, her extraordinary every day is all about learning, exploring and challenging herself and others.