Meet Sara and Magda, our plant managers

Shared Journeys: Stories of Leadership, Passion, and Teamwork

At Fedrigoni, we have a strong ambition to transform our industry and reinvent the boundaries of what we can do. For our latest edition of “Extraordinary Stories” we meet Sara Sorci, Plant Manager in Italy and Magdalena Lewicka, Plant Coordinator in Poland. Two passionate leaders who are striving every day to make our products and processes better.

From Science-enthusiasts to Inspiring Leaders
Sara made the rather unconventional choice of a very specialist university course: “Paper Sciences and Techniques” to the amazement of her mother! Her journey took her through different jobs to her current position as Plant Manager. Inside and outside the plant she knows the importance of keeping promises and completing the tasks assigned – this is also what she teaches to her two daughters. “If I have agreed to do something at work, then I am there till we get it done.”

Magdalena’s studies in Chemical Engineering led her to a job in a pharmaceutical company in Ireland. There, she started as an operator and moved up to be shift leader. When she moved back to her homeland and started her current position, Plant Coordinator, she was thrilled with the opportunity to develop her leadership skills further.

Empowering Leadership and Collaborative Spirit
At their level, motivation and leadership are essential. Magdalena, inspired by her former boss, emphasizes the importance of leading by example and open communication. “Building relationships is crucial and needs to be grounded in respect and cooperation. We care about each other both at work and as friends. There’s an amazing team spirit here that really encourages us to succeed together.”

Sara highlights also the importance of inclusivity and attention to detail. To her, leadership is like coaching a sports team. “I’m always with my team, working side by side,” she says. “Encouragement and support go a long way. We tackle challenges together, fixing problems as they happen with the aim of generating constant improvement both in productivity and on a human level.”

Elevating Ambitions and Going Beyond
Outside of work, both Sara and Magdalena love sports. Sara enjoys team sports, particularly volleyball, while Magdalena’s passion is in running up mountains, literally. For her, life is all about continuously challenging yourself. “Just like my mountain runs, life at Fedrigoni is about raising the bar. We continuously push boundaries, using passion and ambition to succeed together.”

Sara agrees. “It’s a place where nobody can ever be bored. Fedrigoni challenges us to step out of our comfort zones. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a training program focused on how, as people managers, we can create an open and supportive environment for learning and growth. I worked with colleagues I had never had contact with before, sharing tears and laughter throughout. We developed a strong relationship and above all, we understood that we can achieve so much more than we imagine. This taught us to take risks, learn from our mistakes and push our potential to the full.”

Two extraordinary stories for anyone to get inspired about. And, as Magdalena concludes “If you have a dream, don’t worry about obstacles or people’s negative opinions. Just be determined to reach your goals.” For Sara, on the other hand, it is important to “never take anything for granted, not to have prejudices that hinder the perception of the nuances that characterize each of us and make us special, to fall and rise again, showing ourselves that we know how to be our best version.'”