éclose: the power of pulp

Single-material, 100% recyclable. These are features pursued by sustainable packaging which can be met as part of the “plastic to paper” transition, one of the key elements of the Fedrigoni Group’s sustainability strategy and goals for 2030.

Resulting from the joint venture between Fedrigoni and Tecnoform, éclose is the groundbreaking solution created with eco-friendly thermoformed pulp, offering three-dimensional interiors for boxes and cases of perfumes, cosmetics, products and high-end items, currently made of disposable plastic. A paper solution based on innovation and collaboration capable of meeting the needs of consumers in today’s contemporary market and luxury brands, which are paying close attention to sustainability.

Fedrigoni’s deep knowledge in processing paper, combined with Tecnoform’s expertise in the 3D thermoforming process, has made it possible to create a solution with extraordinary features. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, the pulp is molded following the customer’s design to create elegant different types of inner packaging for boxes, cases, mainly for luxury items, perfumery and cosmetics.
A variety of custom designs can be made, giving wide leeway for creativity and inspiration. New formats, textures, and surprising experiences arise from collaboration between designers and leading brands which can thus stand out with strong hallmarks.

éclose designs fit a wide variety of items: we can create square shapes, which feature sharp edges and a regular design, or round ones, where the edges of the curves draw a graceful design. For each project, we can provide a sample color, ranging from the natural white cellulose to custom dyes. The material gives excellent detail definition with different finishings, the surface can be completely smooth or with an elegant texture; embossing and engraving of logos can be provided with extreme precision; and the closure of the packages is possible by zippers or buttonholes.

Every stage of the éclose production process is completely managed in Italy, a guarantee of high quality and speed in the supply chain.

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