We value human creativity and what it can achieve

The 4000 people we have in 27 countries around the world who are working with a practical, proactive approach are our driving force, the first real force helping us to achieve our goals every day with passion and integrity.


What it means to work for the Fedrigoni Group

Our daily guide is the Fedrigoni Behaviours: not a list of commandments, but rather guidelines for building relationships and carrying out small- and large-scale initiatives to make our Group a Home. No matter what the task or employment level in the company, our strength lies in nurturing talent in all its forms, so that we can continuously grow and make a difference together.

We strive excellence

It means striving every day for the best decisions, always looking ahead.
– Taking initiative, showing energy and passion for what we do, even beyond our task and role, be it huge or small.
– Delivering results, with accountability, reliability and responsibility.
– Keeping always the big picture in mind, overcoming hurdles and coming up with new solutions by creativity.

We accelerated relationships

We view it as creating connections between the entire Fedrigoni community and beyond and enabling people to grow.
– Working together, building relationships based on trust and valuing differences.
– Staying focused on our customers and their needs.
– Helping each other grow, encouraging each other, challenging and guiding each other.

We embrace transformation

We work to develop our people, to bring out the best in them. That is why we are committed to promoting all those opportunities that can accelerate their transformation and ours.
– Challenging the “it has always been done this way” mindset.
– Adapting to a changing environment with a positive attitude.
– Dealing with challenges, feedback and new strategies.

What we believe in

We believe in human values. We believe in respect, integrity, transparency, reliability and fairness.
This is why, since 1998, the Code of Ethics has set out the principles and standards of conduct applied to shareholders, directors, auditors of Group companies, managers, employees, collaborators and consultants. Updated in 2021, the Code of Ethics is evolving to deal with the transformation within Fedrigoni and society, and to be able to deal with them by striving for a consistently positive impact.