How many times can paper be recycled? The role of virgin fibers for paper recyclability.

One of the cornerstones of the circular economy is the recycling of materials to encourage a reduction in the consumption of raw materials.

Paper, unlike other materials such as aluminum, cannot be endlessly recycled. Indeed, repeated paper recycling processes alter the mechanical and chemical properties of the fibers. While some of these fibers are lost in the converting process, a large proportion of such fibers can be recycled up to 7 times; progressively, however, the performance is reduced, fibers shorten, and eventually weaken. To ensure the highest possible quality and keep its cycle renewable, recycled paper needs virgin fibers, i.e., those obtained directly from trees.

Fedrigoni uses only FSC-certified cellulose from sustainably managed forests to obtain this raw material.
Let’s deepen the topic in this Bit on Sustainability.

Bits on Sustainability are written by Fedrigoni’s Sustainability Team and are part of the Group commitment to spreading a culture of sustainability.

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