Grow and make a difference

At Fedrigoni Group we work every day to create a network where each person, with their own unique characteristics and individuality, feels confident in taking responsibility, growing and making a difference.
Where our people can change and become better versions of themselves, to contribute to something bigger.
Where they can work together, in an international environment, and where everybody is willing to help.
Where they don’t have to settle for the “same old” results, but can aim for something more. And achieve that aim.

Work with us

What does being part of Fedrigoni Group mean?
It means joining an organisation with Italian roots that operates all over the world, and becoming part of a story that has looked to the future since 1888.
It means venturing into a positive working environment that starts from each person’s distinctive characteristics, so we can achieve tangible results, together. It means working on our own skills, being exposed to different experiences and having opportunities to demonstrate and develop our own value.
With an HR team at our side.

The things that motivate us, every day

Working as a team and knowing how to take responsibility

Accountability is a word that is used often but is not always easy to define. For us it has a very important meaning and we encourage everyone to step forward and take on their own responsibilities, whilst working as a team with their colleagues.

Nobody’s perfect but there’s always room for improvement

We aim high, both for our products and for our work. And we know this doesn’t always mean we’ll get there. But it does mean we always strive to achieve the best possible results, pragmatically, innovatively and with an open-mind

Growing, so Fedrigoni can grow

We believe that the growth of our group goes hand in hand with our personal growth. This is why we want to deliver experiences, tools and the right working environment so that our people can progress and face up to every day challenges.

We are one company and we pay careful attention to the needs of each business

Our aim is to pay attention to the specific needs for each area, each business and each team, so that we can truly become one company.

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