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Our Technical Papers are not a series of catalogue products but custom-made for specific needs. Whether it’s perfume testing paper, virucidal papers, papers for face coverings or the world of brand protection, we have the perfect solution for even your most technical projects.

Industries we work with

Beauty, Personal and Home Care

We can dress up your home and personal cosmetic care products. From labels to the complete packaging, discover all our solutions.


Technical experience, compliance with regulations, safety for patients and a global presence: discover our solutions for the pharmaceutical market.

Architecture & Design

From interiors to exteriors, from walls to floors, all the way to the most beautiful catalogues, find out what we can do to help your brand make its mark.


We don’t offer one solution to everyone; we offer the correct solution for your product, your needs and your sector. Including all the technical papers you might need.


Functional, reliable products that offer all self-adhesive solutions to manage your logistics operations perfectly.

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