Beautiful paper since 1264

Our story starts from a blank page.
A page that extraordinary people have written and drawn extraordinary things on, from Michelangelo, Leopardi and Beethoven, to Picasso and Francis Bacon.
With 750 years of Italian innovation and production, Fabriano has always meant a fresh perspective to paper making.

Discover Fabriano World

Imagination. Colour. Creativity.

Fabriano is one of the oldest, if not the oldest producer of paper and the only one that still operates 3 production processes: hand-made papers, mould-made papers and Fourdrinier- made papers.

Our paper masters are trained for five years to be able to direct the art of making paper.
Not all papers are the same. And ours are unique.

A world of art, of wonder and of freedom

Seven centuries ago, Fabriano, a small inland city in the Marche area of Italy, close to the port of Ancona, and a window onto the Arab world, was already famous for its production of beautiful art and writing papers.

Fabriano world

Carte blanche for your ideas

Art and drawing
From the rough or smooth versions of the iconic Fabriano F2 F4, to a vast range of coloured papers in different weights and finishes, to satisfy even the most demanding children and artists requirements.

Supporting your work, every day

We provide the classic A4 reams of paper, supports and special sizes for the office, printers and fax machines, with excellent whiteness and runnability requisites. Even for plotters and legal paper.

A world of more than just paper

Designed by Fabriano and made in Italy by artisans using only the finest materials, Fabriano stationery products are available in our boutiques and in major international museum bookshops.

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