We work to develop our people. All 4000 of them.

Our Group has a beating heart – our 4000 people in 25 countries all over the world, who believe in our mission and help us to proceed with our plan for positive, long-lasting impact. Passion, commitment and integrity is what our employees and collaborators bring to their work every day, and it is what we wish to reciprocate.

Fedrigoni Behaviors and the Conversation revolution

At Fedrigoni we believe that transparent and regular conversations -between all of the team members and managers- are the first step for everyone’s growth.
Conversations to share aspirations, expectations and feedback, to guide our actions and our development.

The compass we look at are our Fedrigoni Behaviors: they are not commands, but instead constitute a set of guidelines for establishing relationships and implementing small but significant actions to turn our Group into a home.
It doesn’t matter what the job is, or the position in the company: our strength lies in cultivating talent in all its forms, to continuously grow and to make a difference, together.

2020: Our figures

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New hires

Total number of people recruited by the Group in 2020.

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We don’t leave young people behind - the average age of our new hires in 2020 was 34 years old.

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The hours of individual managerial training delivered to our employees.

Ongoing development

Fedrigoni Survey

We want our employees to tell us where we can and must improve. To enable this, in 2020 we launched a new initiative to engage with our people, called the Fedrigoni Survey, the first step towards more numerous, structured internal reviews.

Our new premises

The new premises in Verona and the new offices in Milan came about after a radical reappraisal of the work experience. They bring together breakout areas that also foster physical and mental wellbeing and the use of maximum standards in technology and energy efficiency.
Today, we are self-sufficient for 70% of our energy. And the best is yet to come.

A community that is always connected

We have numerous digital initiatives in place, such as the use of the internal digital communication platform Workplace at Group level, to streamline information transfer and work flows, and the company communication channel Progress Maker, inspired by social networks to share the ESG initiatives promoted across the Group with all our employees in real time.

The 2030 Agenda: all hands to the pump

How can personal development initiatives align with our commitment to promoting sustainability? Our response aims to make every Fedrigoni employee feel directly involved in the road to change. From 2021 onwards, the item Sustainability will be included in individual goal setting. By doing this, everyone will have the chance to proactively take part in the Fedrigoni roadmap, by turning the concepts of sustainability and sustainable commitment directly into the Group’s whole corporate culture.
We have a battle to win, let’s do it together.

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