Our people-oriented approach

Our 5,000 employees in 28 countries around the world are the foundation of our success and help us carry out our plan for a positive, lasting impact. Passion, commitment, integrity: this is what we receive every day by our people and collaborators. We see the growth of our people not only as an ethical commitment, but also as an essential ingredient of our corporate strategy.


Our achievements 2022

Our actions directly contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


of our people have initiated performance conversations (we started at 9% in 2020)

The performance conversations revolution

Fedrigoni work environment is structured to foster regular, transparent conversations among all co-workers and their managers, regardless of their role in the company. In 2021, a new performance process was created through individual conversations among managers and employees, focusing on performance-related feedback, ambitions, expectations, and development plans to improve everyone’s work that are in line with the new Fedrigoni Behaviours.

Fast-tracking relationships is one of Fedrigoni Behaviours, guidelines of our corporate culture that help us carry out initiatives that foster empathy and awareness, the pride of everyone being important in our company growth process.

Our strength lies in nurturing the talent of our people in all its forms, so that we can continuously grow and make a difference together. The goal for 2030 is to involve 100% of people in conversationsabout performance and individual development with their managers.


People progress:

Fedrigoni Survey

Our employees tell us where we can and must improve. Since 2020, we have been listening to our people in a detailed, systematic, and structured manner, through the Fedrigoni Survey.

Measuring the involvement and satisfaction of our people follows a strong methodology that helps us understand how our business initiatives are performing over time, leverage and continue to invest in our strengths, and improve what really matters to our people through their input and feedback. The survey measures aspects such as a sense of belonging and pride, perceptions of internal recognition and workload, satisfaction with career development, independence, and the business climate. We will continue to listen to all our people by conducting listening surveys on a regular basis.

Flexible working arrangements

During the health crisis we learned how important it is to be able to work together in person. However, we have also learned how to be productive remotely, how it doesn’t matter where you work.
This hybrid way of working has become an integral part of our daily lives, the new way of working at Fedrigoni, enabling us all to work both in person and remotely, collaborating effectively and flexibly.

Continuous learning

We provide various opportunities for personal and professional training and growth, both in-person and online, on managerial and leadership, technical and functional, language and communications topics. A key example is the Customer Academy, a global development programme to foster the customer-orientation and core skills of our sales team, thus reinforcing our shift towards a customer-focused organisation.

An ever-connected community

We have many digital initiatives, such as the use of Workplace at Group level – an internal communications platform – to be informed about everything that happens within Fedrigoni and to be able to collaborate quickly and effectively with all co-workers; “Progress Maker”, the group dedicated to sustainability issues within Workplace, to share the ESG initiatives promoted across the Group with all our employees, in real time.

To facilitate everyone growth ambitions, starting in 2021 we also launched the INK group on Workplace, the digital space for internal mobility where open positions inside Fedrigoni are published before being shared on the market through the website and Linkedin.

2030 Agenda: everyone at the helm

How can we help our people grow in their commitment to sustainability? Our answer is to make every Fedrigoni person feel directly involved in the path to transformation. Starting in 2021, ESG performance will be an important part of the individual performance objectives for all those with an MBO. In this way, our people are encouraged to be part of the Fedrigoni experience., directly conveying the concepts of sustainability and commitment into the corporate culture of our entire Group.

In addition, to facilitate the dissemination of the new corporate culture, we decided to directly involve our Leadership Team: 50 managers from different countries and businesses, including the Executive Committee, selected to facilitate the implementation of our business and ESG strategy, leveraging each person talent and sense of responsibility.

Find out more about our ESG 2030 Agenda