Global masters of paper and self-adhesives

From the very beginning our group has worked with special papers for their performance and aesthetics.

Over time we have specialised in the production of special papers for packaging, graphics, print and art, and in converting paper and other materials into self-adhesive solutions.

Ours is a story of Italian roots, hands and hearts, from Verona to the rest of the world.

Working for and with our clients

Our job isn’t just technical.
Every day we work with our clients, advising, guiding and understanding their needs, to produce made-to-measure products alongside the 25,000 items in our catalogue.

It’s how we’ve learnt to overcome a “that’s the way it’s always been done” mentality. It’s how we develop projects that allow us to enrich our knowledge, help us grow and offer customised solutions increasingly quickly.

Our story is about production

It’s a story about manufacturing and ancient papermaking masters that started in Verona.

Today, Fedrigoni Group is made up of two core parts that work together to ensure the highest quality for our products.


Special papers for packaging, graphics, brand protection and art. Natural and coated papers for converting, catalogues or also innovative solutions. Papers for even the most daring projects.



Self-adhesive papers and films, in sheets or reels for a range of sectors including visual communication and tailor-made solutions.