Manufacturing and sustainability: Fedrigoni Wood in Caponago, Italy

As part of a long sustainability process that began more than 130 years ago, the Fedrigoni company supports the creation of green spaces in urbanized areas near its factories. This is why in November the first Fedrigoni forest is born in Caponago, in Northern Italy.

The project is the result of a focus on the environment that is an integral part of the company’s innovation strategies .

Working for a more sustainable production chain, the Fedrigoni Group has achieved important milestones such as reducing water consumption in the self-adhesive production process by 46% over the last 6 years, and reducing thermal energy consumption by 13%. The path towards the use of 100% FSC certified cellulose pulp began in 1998 with the goal achieved in 2014: this certification guarantees the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the materials, coming from forests protected by international treaties. Forests are the most important, renewable and sustainable resource.

With this project, the company gives a community a small piece of forest to live and take care of.

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