Pulp #22: the sustainability issue is out!

What does sustainability mean? Pulp 22, our quarterly journal for professionals and lovers of quality adhesives and papers, sheds light on the most important challenge of the millennium. Starting with the interview with Isabella Bussi, Head of Sustainability of the Fedrigoni Group, who looks at history, changes, strategies – even, and above all – in the long term. If adhesives and papers are increasingly sustainable, thanks to recycling and the introduction of natural fibers, design is no exception. The examples of ethical and sustainable projects, published in the new issue, demonstrate this. They refer to labels, packaging, brand identity. An in-depth study is dedicated to green printing, which aims to generate less and less waste and total recycling of them. But there is more: thanks to a Japanese technology you can get a high quality print, not only without polluting the water, but even without using it. A project of stickers of different sizes and designs, applied to ready-made packaging, is an example of how to achieve customization while reducing waste. Finally, tips for press and printers, a book on circular fashion, wine labels, and the historical posters of the Compasso d’Oro design award at the ADI Museum in Milan. Want to know something interesting? All six papers, selected and used for the new issue of Pulp, are part of our recycled collection Materia Viva. They are therefore perfectly in line with the contents of the issue.

Visit the website to find out more: https://pulp.fedrigoni.com