Plastic to paper: just a snap maybe!

Packaging is one of the key players in the circular economy. ‘Packaging’ cannot be done without: from raw materials to finished products, the wrapper is meant to contain, protect and communicate essential information about a wide range of goods.
When it comes to consumers, there are three main trends driving the evolution of packaging toward small, single-use packages, expected to reach $50.98 billion by 2027 ( needs related to health emergencies, with single-serve packages being safer; modern lifestyles, requiring mobility-friendly packages in sectors such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals; and countering the use of single-use plastics, which is essential to reducing our environmental impact.

The more circular packaging market is growing rapidly and will reach a value of more than $316 billion in the next five years (, although much of today’s packaging is still made with materials and processes stemming from fossil sources. The concept of «plastic to paper» is the core of this transition and Fedrigoni is strongly committed to further breakthrough solutions, thanks also to the work done with Fed Lab, the research lab where Fedrigoni Special Papers limitless potential can be explored and innovative products and solutions can be found together with other companies.

Paper Snap, a product launched in 2021 at the LuxePack Fair in Monaco, is a case in point.

The result of a partnership with Easysnap Technology, Paper Snap is a revolutionary type of single-serve packaging made of paper, recyclable in the paper cycle and intended for liquid and semi-liquid products, designed to be opened with one hand.
Fedrigoni created a special paper for Paper Snap – the IceliteClean Cut – with specific fiber directionality to ensure fold mechanics and distinctive product characteristics. From a technical and aesthetic point of view, it has extremely high performances:

  • allows the packaging machine to make a perfectly centered engraving and rifling (if the engraving were too deep, liquid would leak out; if the rifling were not clear, the package would be difficult to open);
  • excellent surface printability for brand and product content information;
  • lamination with a thin polymer layer allows for an airtight seal and suitability for food contact;
  • recyclable according to Aticelca standards;
  • inclusive and ergonomic design: can be opened with one hand by children and people with limited dexterity;
  • hygienic: the contents are protected from possible contamination and a long shelf life is guaranteed.

Because of these features, Paper Snap is a multipurpose product that can be used in a wide range of sectors, from food to cosmetics. From single-use plastic to paper with a snap!

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