Fabriano is All Around, the global language of drawing meets communities

Since 2016, Fedrigoni has organized the Festival del Disegno with Fabriano. Hundreds of free events throughout Italy, with the mission to help adults and children come to experience drawing as expressive form. For the 2022 edition, Italy was colored for a whole month with illustrations, graphics and everything that can be done with Fabriano’s famous paper and materials, from origami to jars. The Festival started in Milan in collaboration with the City and continued with Fabriano is All Around.
Creativity is an outstanding human value for Fedrigoni. A value that for FABRIANO, the Group’s historic brand, is a link with communities.

Children, teenagers, adults, and all age people took part on September 10 and 11 in the courtyards of Milan’s Castello Sforzesco to the first stage of this Festival. Multiple art ateliers and workshops, held in many cases by leading experts in their field: illustrators and artists such as Giulia Orecchia (who also created the graphics for this edition of the Festival), Alessandro Sanna, Elisa Talentino, Francesca Zoboli, Silvia Gasparetto, Alicia Baladan, Andrea Antinori, Alberto Madrigal, Mattia Bonora, and illustrator and youtuber Fraffrog. Professionals sharing great creativity and imagination, who, over these days, offered their talents to help others further express their own.
After the Milan event, Fabriano is All Around was kicked off, the event engaging the whole of Italy for a full month: every year, more than 300 activities are organized in 100 Italian cities.

While the two days of the Festival del Disegno in Milan are organized and managed directly by FABRIANO, in the rest of the country, in small and big cities, local museums, schools, cultural associations, libraries, and institutions have joined the Festival realizing events dedicated to all expressions of drawing. While FABRIANO has supported them in different ways, supplying of any materials needed, these local entities managed the whole organization of the activities. Proposals and applications are gathered with a call to action launched through online channels, websites and social media, and they are required to meet specific standards, first and foremost being free and inclusive. Workshops must always be open and accessible for everyone and all of them must pursue the same purpose behind the Festival: to rediscover the beauty of drawing, illustration and painting as artistic and expressive forms, as a global language that unleashes the imagination, enhances creativity, overcomes barriers, entertains and brings people together.
Forms and dynamics of the natural world were another of the Festival’ stars. The guest botanist Stefano Mancuso, founder of plant neurobiology and keen popularizer, created an original liaison between vegetal life and the illustration sector, confirming drawing as a tool for understanding the natural world.

Since 2016, the Festival edited by FABRIANO has been an event dedicated to the (re)discovery of drawing and all its potentialities, designed for local communities, so that each person can put mind and body in synergy, unleashing their creativity.

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