We value human creativity & craftsmanship

Our four thousand people in 11 countries around the world are our engine. Their proactive, practical approach means they are the real force helping us to achieve our goals with passion and integrity, every day.

What working for Fedrigoni Group means

1. Embracing transformation

We want to see Fedrigoni and our people grow. We want to see their best possible potential emerge. This is why we are committed to making space for and promoting any opportunities that can contribute to their, and our, transformation.

We want to question the idea of “that’s the way it’s always been done”.
By adapting positively to an environment that is constantly changing.
By facing up to our challenges and feedback positively, so that we embrace all opportunities for improvement

What working for Fedrigoni Group means

2. Fostering partnerships

We believe this means making connections between all our Fedrigoni communities so that our people can grow.

By working together and building relationships based on trust and differences.
By always focusing on our clients and their needs.
By helping each other to grow, encouraging each other, challenging each other and guiding each other.

What working for Fedrigoni Group means

3. Striving for excellence

This means pushing ourselves to make the best possible decisions, to really do things, to ask more of ourselves, every day.

By using our initiative, demonstrating our energy and passion for doing things properly, even if those things, however big or small, aren’t part of our job title.
By delivering results, responsibly and reliably.
By always keeping in mind the bigger picture and trying to solve problems creatively, from different points of view.

Everything we believe in

We believe in human values. In respect, integrity, transparency, reliability and fairness.
As such, our Code of Ethics has set out the principles and rules of conduct for shareholders, directors, group company auditors, executives, employees, collaborators and consultants since 1998.

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